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Termite Management Service

Termites are social insects and can form large nests and colonies, consisting of very different looking individuals. The colony of termites consist of Reproductive Castes (Queen & King) soldiers, workers, & primary reproductive which are called as swarmer (winged termite) which occur in spring season.Termites are classified into three types viz. dry wood, damp wood and subterranean termites. Subterranean termites live in underground colonies from where they infiltrate into the building through tiny crack and crevices in the foundation, floor and wall. Once, they gain entry, they work quickly and silently, moving surreptitiously in the mud shelter tubes and destroy woodwork, furniture, paper products and any article having cellulose base. Each year lakhs of houses/structures in India require Termite Control programme


• Holes of 12mm diameter 18 to 20 inches apart will be drilled and termiticide. solution will be injected under pressure into these holes, to create barrier against termites and sealed with black white cement.

• An oil-based termiticide will be sprayed on all the woodwork infested by the termites within the premises.

• Visible shelter mud tubes are first sprayed, so as to control the existing movement of termites Termite infestations remain undetected until it is too late.Pesto Relief Services offers you complete solution to prevent the termites, by providing you treatments for 1yr, 5yrs & 10yrs.

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